Advice: Maid of Honor (MOH) Responsibilities

Advice: Maid of Honor (MOH) Responsibilities

Imagine Wonder Woman. She is a beacon of hope. She is calm, compassionate, and energetic, and of course always ready to save the day! Although a fictional comic book character, Wonder Woman is much like the modern Maid of Honor.

The Maid of Honor is the bride’s most important confidant during this special time. Whether it be helping the bride pick that perfect dress, accompanying her to cake tastings, or bustling her into her wedding dress, the maid of honor’s responsibilities are key to pulling off a successful wedding.

The Maid of Honor plans the bachelorette party, makes sure that each bridesmaid is ready for her close-up and sometimes even plans a wedding shower. Last minute touchups and directing traffic are all a part of the job description. The MOH also acts as a witness along with the Best Man in signing the marriage certificate and she also holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.

She’s the best friend, the super hero, and the shoulder to cry on all rolled into one. Most importantly, she’s there to support her best friend!

We’ve gathered up our favorite pins on bridal showers. Whether you are the MOH or not, sometimes we all need a little inspiration!

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