Meet Pure Barre Bride-to-Be

Meet Pure Barre Bride-to-Be

So your wedding is coming up and you’re searching for a good workout routine. Aren’t we all? Our personal favorite workout (wedding or not!) is Pure Barre. We are thrilled to announce a new Pure Barre is opening up in Preston Hollow this fall—and we got together with the owner, Britta, who is also a bride-to-be! She is here to give YOU some pre-wedding fitness tips and to let you all in on what Pure Barre is all about.


We are so excited for Pure Barre Preston Hollow to open! When will classes begin?

Our target opening is early September and we’ll host some free classes and tours of the studio before we open. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with all our opening information. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Why Pure Barre over other studios—yoga, pilates, barre, etc? What’s so special about Pure Barre?

It’s really the perfect blend of multiple workouts all packed into 55 minutes. You may not have 3 hours a day to dedicate to a yoga class, pilates class, boxing class, etc. You lift all the areas you want to be lifted, tone the entire body and feel the burn for the full 55 minutes. It really targets the biggest problematic areas on a woman.: your hips, thighs, arms and upper body—spots that are hard for women to tone without bulking up. It truly is low impact but high intensity, so if you’ve had injuries previously, this is a great workout for you!

What are the benefits for brides-to-be?

For brides-to-be, the biggest areas that are showcased in a bridal gown are your upper body, chest, arms, upper back and waistline. These are areas that have a lot of class time dedicated to them in Pure Barre. A lot of tricep work, arm work, strengthening the upper back and core through isometric movements. We use light weights to help tone the muscles instead of adding bulk. We stretch after each exercise, which gives the lengthening effect, which…everyone wants to be long and lean on their wedding day!

How do you stick with the Pure Barre regimen if you keep getting sore?

It will be different than anything you’ve ever done before. The shaking you experience during class and soreness following are signs of muscle fatigue, which is what creates the changes you want to see in your body. Embrace the shake! You will be sore, but it takes about 3 classes to get the hang of both the movements and the after-effects of muscle fatigue. You’ll find your own personal edge and see where you can push yourself to get the most benefit.

Why did you choose to open up a Pure Barre, and why here in Preston Hollow?

I personally love the workout. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before. It really complements my running regimen too. Preston Hollow is full of women who really want a cutting edge workout. They’re an underserved market—not as many boutique gyms in the Preston Hollow area.

We know YOU’RE a bride-to-be yourself…when’s the big day, what dress and veil are you wearing, WHERE are you getting married? Spill!

November 29th in Minnesota on Lake Calhoun—it’s a very modern vibe. My dress is by Alvina Valenta with a La Sposa lace bolero, and veil and accessories are still up in the air because my focus has been on opening a business! I’ll turn to Patsy’s for that 😉

When should brides start their workout regimen before the wedding?

3 months before the wedding at a minimum. You can see results from Pure Barre as little as 10 days, but to get your body at a comfortable state and to see the changes, we recommend 3 months. You don’t want to change too drastically right before the wedding!

What are your favorite Pure Barre “moves” for brides-to-be?

Core strength: planks! Planks tone the entire body. We use small isometric shoulder lifts to tone the tops of shoulders. Bicep curls, tricep dips, overhead presses—all are good exercises for upper body toning.

What’s your best advice for health and fitness for all brides-to-be?

You want to be your most fabulous, healthy self on your wedding day. Give yourself enough time and make your goals attainable. Don’t say you’re going to drop 40lbs if you’re only 120 lbs. Set your goals to be healthy, not to focus on a number. Don’t stress out too much about it. Eat your veggies, drink water, avoid salt.

What is your personal diet/fitness plan to get ready for your wedding?

I’m finally jumping into it, but Pure Barre! Lots of Pure Barre! I do a lot of cardio because it torches the calories (I love food!). I already eat pretty healthy, so I’ll be honing in on the diet—cutting out sweets, avoiding sugar and salts and a good juice cleanse once in while (my new fave is local gem Vim + Vigor juices!) Come to Pure Barre! It’s the best advice I can give anyone. 🙂

Photography by Ash Marie Photography

Dress: Modern Trousseau Meadow

Hair piece: Blossom Veils

Earrings & Bracelet: Haute Bride

[all items are available exclusively at Patsy’s Bridal!]

Makeup & Hair: Tracy Melton Artistry




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