There’s nothing we love more than being there for the moment you say “yes” to the dress. Although wedding dress shopping can be stressful, we work hard to be there for YOU to find the dress that makes you feel beautiful. We want to make sure your experience at Patsy’s a fun memory that you’ll keep with you far past the day you walk the aisle with your groom.

One of our fun traditions that we’ve developed over the years is the fun #patsysbride sign. Brides get to pose with the sign after they say “yes” and are officially welcomed to the Patsy’s family. Although some days get hectic and sometimes we miss a few Insta-opportunities, please speak up when you’re here at the boutique to make sure you get your chance to be featured on our Instagram as well. Want to check out our latest brides? Head to our Insta and scroll below.

Happy Wedding Wednesday, brides!

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