The Engagement Photoshoot

The Engagement Photoshoot

Today is an extra special Wedding Wednesday here at Patsy’s because we have a guest blogger! Meet Megan Weaver. Megan is a very talented photographer based here in Dallas. Specializing (but definitely not limited to) in blogger and brand look books, editorials and outfit posts, we are sure you’ve scrolled through some of her work in your Instagram feed. Not only does Megan make portraits come to life (hello, engagement photos!), she’s also one of the most encouraging and uplifting #girlboss-es we’ve ever met. We asked Megan to give us some tips on the engagement photoshoot. We’ll let her take it from here!


There are many details that go into creating your perfect engagement session. Finding the right photographer, location, time, lighting, and of course, what to wear for your shoot. 

This can be one of the most important aspects of preparing for your shoot – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips you can use as you’re planning what to wear as a couple. 


Wear what makes you feel confident. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it will show in your images. Are you usually more comfortable wearing fitted clothes or something more oversized? Brighter colors or more neutral? Knowing what you like and look best in can go a long way in boosting your confidence and helping you relax during the shoot.


Wear flattering colors. Decide what colors look best with your skin tone and hair and try to avoid any that make you look washed out or don’t work with your complexion. Don’t be afraid to have one person wear brighter colors and the other balance it out with neutrals. If you know what color the background will be, you can wear colors that will pop against it – like a pink dress against a white wall. However, try to avoid fluorescent colors since they usually reflect on your skin and create an unwanted hue in your images. Lastly, avoid any large logos or graphics since they can distract from the main subject – you!


Complement but don’t match. Wearing outfits that complement each other is always good – but avoid looking too much like twins. One person could wear something solid and the other could wear a pattern using the same color palette or something complementary. Wear something that feels like you as a couple – if it’s not something you’d normally be comfortable wearing don’t feel pressure to bring it to the shoot!


Dress for the occasion. Bring a variety of outfit options depending on your shoot’s location. If it’s a more relaxed location or you know you’ll be moving around outside, something more casual and comfortable might work better. Likewise, for more luxurious locations don’t be afraid to pull out heels and a suit to fit the location if that’s more your style. 


Bring props (if you want!) Are there things that are special to both of you – a pet, instrument, family heirloom etc? Bring it with you to incorporate in the shoot – this can be a fun way to bring more of your personality and passions to the shoot. 

—Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us, Megan! If you’d like to book her for your next photo shoot (or engagement photos) contact Megan at hello(at)meganmuellerblog(dot)com.

{All photography by Megan Weaver, except photo #3 by Josh McCullock}