Wedding Advice: Cake Tastings

Wedding Advice: Cake Tastings

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today, we are talking all things wedding cakes. We love the moment a bride says yes to the dress, but wedding cake tasting comes in as a close second favorite in the wedding planning process. Slices and slices of fluffy white cake, heavenly buttercream frostings, and fruit fillings! What’s not to love?

Ribbons and Roses Cake

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sophie Rotundo, owner of Panini Bakery to get some advice for all you brides (and grooms)! It’s always better to come prepared, right?

How do couples set up a cake tasting?

Couples may set up a cake tasting by calling the store (214-363-1225). Appointments run Monday through Saturday, but Saturday mornings are always the busiest! Tastings last approximately 1 hour.

How many cake flavors will couples try during their tasting?

Couples receive a plate of 5 or 6 slices. We make a great chocolate cake and are known for our fillings and mousses! You can always ask to try more combinations.


What trends have you noticed in wedding cakes this year?

Texture has been very popular this year. Lace designs on cakes have become a growing trend as lace dresses have regained popularity. We have also noticed that couples are matching their cake to the venue. For example, a wedding cake for the Dallas Museum of Art would be very different from a wedding cake for The Adolphus.

What are the most popular cake flavors?

Our white chocolate mousse with raspberries and our toasted almond butter cream are the most popular flavors.  (Say no more!)

The Eyes of Texas

Approximately what percent of couples choose to do a groom’s cake?

About 75% of couples purchase a groom’s cake as well. If a couple chooses not to have a groom’s cake, we will offer to do both white and chocolate layers in the wedding cake.

Can you accommodate those with special diets?

Yes! Any of our cakes can be made gluten-free or even paleo!

How can couples come prepared for their tasting?

Come with ideas, especially for the groom’s cake. Bring photos of your dress and color scheme, along with any other inspirational photos. (Hello, Pinterest!) We don’t offer packages so everything is custom! The best advice I can give to couples is come full of ideas. Picking out the cake is an important decision.

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