What We Love: Edible Wedding Favors

What We Love: Edible Wedding Favors

When you’re planning your wedding, sometimes you have to make a few decisions. Ok, that’s an understatement. You have so many decisions to make, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. One of the first decisions is what are you going to splurge on and what could you save money on? Before making a budget, it’s smart to figure out what is the most important to you for your “dream wedding” in order to prioritize: dress, venue and photographer? Or perhaps you’re most concerned with the flowers and videographer? Whatever makes sense to you, be sure you think about these things before getting too deep into your planning!

One of the items many brides forget about or leave until the last moment are the wedding favors. Treating your guests to a lovely wedding is enough, but we love the idea of ending the night with a sweet treat for later—or even for the next morning.

Edible wedding favors are our favorites. We’re talking French macarons, mini bottles of champagne, a little pot of honey, chocolates, a donut + milk…we found several ideas we think would make for the perfect night cap to treat your guests to a special “thank you”.

You know by now that we get a lot of our inspiration from Pinterest, so without further ado…feast your eyes on our favorite edible wedding favor ideas!