What We Love: Gold

What We Love: Gold

There’s just something to be said for gold. Yes, it’s been used in place of money and is worth a lot of dough, but we’re talking about that gorgeous metallic hue.

We love weddings with a gold touch—the color that goes with everything! No matter the season, there’s always a perfect color pairing to complement metallic gold. We’ve noticed a lot of gold wedding invitations, sparkly additions to gowns (belts, head pieces), shoes, décor and even cakes and we love. It. All.

Add a little hint or make gold a major component of your wedding palette. Either way, we guarantee your entire wedding look will get a nice boost of class, taste and style. Gold is timeless and it’s here to stay!




{gown is Enaura Couture, bracelets are Seasonal Whispers. Both can be purchased/ordered at Patsy’s Bridal}

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