What We Love: Marry Me In Spring

What We Love: Marry Me In Spring

IMG_5911Hello sweet brides! Wedding season is officially upon us and we can feel the love in the air. If your wedding is just around the corner, we know you’re probably feeling a little bogged down by all the little details that make a big difference—from florals to favors to accessories to wedding party gifts and seating charts and everything in between. We want you to remember what this season is all about: the love you and your husband-to-be share. Nothing else!

So forget about the rest, but hold onto the details you think you’ll look back on with fondness. The details you’ll always remember.


We hope your dress serves as one of these unforgettable details. Or maybe the feelings you felt as you walked down the aisle as your teary husband watched in awe. Either way, as your wedding dress is a very special part of your big day (and you only get to wear it once—unless you pull it out for a vow renewal or anniversary), we LOVE the idea of getting a custom illustration made of you in your dress to frame and hang in your home.


Meet Marry Me In Spring. We’re completely smitten with our sweet friend’s custom illustrations of wedding portraits because it’s so unique, so beautiful and takes a photograph that much more special. They’ll do bride portraits, bride + groom or bride and groom separate. Prices start at $249 and all you have to do is send a photo of the bride in her wedding dress (or groom too) to contact@marrymeinspring.com. These can even be photos taken at Patsy’s when you first tried on your dress! Be sure to specify wedding day hair, jewelry and other accessories.

The perfect gift to a bride friend, sister, daughter or a gift from the bride to the bride! Either way, we highly recommend Marry Me In Spring—and shipping is free if you order with us!Patsys-Signature-300x8321111111-1