Your Wedding on #SocialMedia

Your Wedding on #SocialMedia

You just got engaged and your family and friends are already bombarding you with questions: when’s the big day? Who will be your bridesmaids? Where will the wedding be? Can I bring my boyfriend? Whoa. Pump the breaks.

We know weddings are chalk-full of questions and decisions to be made, but (sorry), there’s a big one that you just might want to decide right from the get-go: Will you have a wedding hashtag and what will it be?

In this day and age, hashtags are used in many different ways, but more often than not, brides are choosing creative hashtags for her bridal party, family and friends to use in order to have all the wedding photos in the one place. You click on your hashtag and see all the photos taken by yourself, your groom and all your wedding attendees. Think of it as a digital scrapbook—and the more creative and unique hashtag you select, the better chances you have that it’s just your scrapbook…

Once you’ve selected a #hashtag, consider incorporating it into your wedding day signage to encourage guests to share photos so you can see them the next day! Gone are the days of disposable cameras on each table! #21stcentury.

That being said, here are our top 5 tips for #hashtagging your wedding.

  1. Don’t stress over “your” hashtag too much. This is for fun. You’re not marrying the hashtag, you’re marrying your future husband.
  2. Feel free to be “punny”. Have fun with it! Play with your new last name! These are usually the most unique. Examples: #goodKnight #HappilyEverHarrison #TyingTheKnott
  3. Do your research. Click the hashtag to be sure there aren’t too many entries. You want a unique hashtag, so do your research to ensure there isn’t a lot of activity on your hashtag of choice.
  4. Be sure to let your friends and family know about the official wedding day hashtag ahead of time. Announce the hashtag on your save the date and wedding website.
  5. Get creative! Choose something your friends will remember!




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