We invite you to relax and experience Patsy’s boutique treatment as you plan the wedding of your dreams. Our experienced consultants are super excited to meet you and help you find your wedding dress.

Use the form below to request your appointment at Patsy’s. If an appointment is not available on the calendar you may still submit an appointment request and write waitlist in the notes or call us to be placed on our waitlist.

Please note: this request does not guarantee an appointment. You will receive a confirmation text or email once your appointment is confirmed. A credit card is required to request an appointment. There is no charge to the card prior to the appointment, however, all cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment time will incur a cancellation fee of $75.

Before You Arrive

We want your time at Patsy’s to be enjoyable and memorable. Keep these in mind to make your day the best it can be!

Arrive 5 minutes early so you can have the full appointment with your consultant.

If you need more time, Patsy’s will gladly extend your appointment if there is not an appointment scheduled immediately after yours. Or we will be happy to schedule a second appointment for you.

Be courteous of other brides who may have an appointment after you. Once your appointment is over, make room for other guests so they can begin on time.

Determine a comfortable budget. Make sure and discuss this with your family before you come in to avoid any awkward moments! Our consultants will respect your budget and help you stay within your price range.

Bring us pictures! Seen something in a magazine or online? Seeing pictures will help your consultant pull dresses you are sure to love.